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Space News Links and My Questions of the Week

Every week I will ask you visitors three questions relating to space and astronomy. Sometimes they will be easy....and sometimes they will be hard. You can send the answers to me via e-mail, and if you get all three corect, I will post your name and location on this page in congratulations. My e-mail address can be found below.

The links provided are to space news agencies. Every day they bring you the latest news in space exploration, astronomy, and new discoveries. These are the best of the best of these kinds of websites on the Internet. They are easy to use, and are updated either every day or week, so check them out often. Thanks!

Here are this week's Questions of the Week:

1. What is the largest planet in our Solar System?

2. How fast in kilometers per second is the speed of light?

3. Who was the last astronaut to walk on the Moon?

This is where I will post the names of all of those who get the trivia answers correct.

Space News Links

Click here for
Click here for
Bill Harwood's CBS News Space Space
Click here for
MSNBC Spacenews
Click here for
NASA Space Science News
Click here for
NSS Cyber Space News


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