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Brian's Astronomy Page

Hello, welcome to my homepage! My name is Brian Peter and I am a 19 year old student at Louisiana State University. I have been interested in astronomy for many years and i am a member of the Astronomical League and the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society. I have collected astronomy images and information in an attempt to provide you an informative and enjoyable webpage. If you have any questions or comments, you can find my e-mail address on the Links and Contact information page. Also, check here often because I will be adding new images and updating information when I can. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy this site! Oh, one more thing- be sure to sign my guestbook before you leave! Thanks!

Table of Contents

History of Astronomy
A brief history of the science of astronomy.
Solar System
Images and information on the planets and smaller bodies of the Solar System.
Images and information on the different types of nebulae.
Stars and star clusters
Images and information on globular and open star clusters.
Images and information of our neighbors of the Milky Way.
Images of various spacecraft used in space exploration.
New Images
As I collect new pictures, I will post them here.
A list of famous astronomers and a brief description of their accomplishments.
A glossary of terms used in astronomy.
Links and Contact Information
This is where to go to send me you questions, comments, or suggestions.
Marvin the Martian Links Page
A page of links to sites about my favorite space alien.....Marvin the Martian!
My Love Colleen
This is a little page deticated to the love of my life.
Space News Information and My Questions of the Week
Here are links to the best space news websites and my questions of the week.

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